The Makers of Robot Chicken Announce Star Wars Detours

Posted 8 years ago by Television

There are two things in life I enjoy above pretty much every. Well, two things other than my family, career, dog, and all the other stuff I’m supposed to say. Those two things are Star Wars and funny stuff.

That means I’m an instant fan of this new creation from the funnymakers at Robot Chicken. Surely you’ve seen the Adult Swim TV series created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich . They’ve done a few Star Wars parody specials over the years. Now they seem to have gone whole hog Gamorrean Guard into Star Wars with Star Wars Detours.

It’s an animated series that was just announced at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando. The details are a bit sketchy on whether it’ll be a TV or web series. With Robot Chicken and Lucasfilm’s existing relationships with Cartoon Network, I have to assume it’ll be on there.

Check out the trailer above and watch the three clips over at There’s also an official Detours Facebook page.

  • Words can’t describe how much this show irks me! I really hope I do wind up liking it though.