Fan Documentary ‘Star Wars Begins’ Represents Four Years of Hard Work

Posted 9 years ago by Movies

Super fan Jambe Davdar recently completed work on his film documentary of Star Wars: A New Hope. His “Star Wars Begins” combines numerous sources for a comprehensive look inside the landmark 1977 film. The project he calls “the ultimate audio/visual commentary” took nearly four years to complete.

Oddly enough, this is the third Star Wars-based documentary produced by Davdar. The filmmaker previously created “Building Empire” and “Returning to Jedi” about the final two movies in the original trilogy. The new production can be found in 14 parts on YouTube. A downloadable DVD image for each documentary can be had, provided you know where to look. (*Cough* Bit Torrent *cough*.)

I previously watched Davdar’s “Building Empire” and I can’t wait to spend some time with “Star Wars Begins.” His Pop-Up Video style of presenting information over the existing film is a great way to learn more about George Lucas’ creation. He also intercuts alternate angles, rare footage, and various interviews for a compelling presentation.

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