IDW’s ‘Secret History of the Foot Clan’ #1 is Out

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Secret History of the Foot Clan

If you read my Post-Christmas update, you know I’ve recently been plowing through IDW’s new TMNT comic book series, and I’m getting pretty into it. I’m not a huge comics fan in general, but I’m digging how IDW is mixing old-school Mirage and Fred Wolf era Turtles into one comic. There are a couple changes to the backstory that seem odd, but I don’t think we even know the whole story yet.

Anyway, if you’ve been reading along too, you may be interested to know that a mini-series called Secret History of the Foot Clan just started, and it looks awesome. The first issue is out now with art by Mateus Santolouco, who has a very cool style. He posted some art on his DeviantArt page, and I love his version of the Turtles. It seems like IDW + the Nickelodeon Turtles combined.

This issue promises to tell the backstory of Shredder, and I can’t wait to read it. Are any of you guys following the IDW TMNT comics?

Update: I read the issue last night, and it was pretty awesome. The last panel perfectly encapsulates why I love this series. Let’s not spoil anything, but if you read it, what did you think?

  • **This may contain spoilers**

    I really enjoy what I’ve read of the IDW series. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the “weird” part your referring to is the reincarnation idea? That struck me as odd at first, but now I’m on board. In general I try to just be a fan of things and not get too worked up about new version that take things in a different directions and instead just enjoy the fact that my favorite franchises are getting some love. When I read this it really made me examine that idea. I couldn’t reconcile why I was pretty on board with the idea of them being reincarnated fairly quickly, while the idea of Michael Bay making them aliens made me hate the idea before I even saw a single film cell. I think the important thing in the comic is that first and foremost the change in backstory completely supports the main tenants of the story: They are brothers, Splinter is their father (figure), they have a pre-existing blood feud with the Shredder. To be honest, if you allow for the mysticism of reincarnation, it makes more sense than to say that a rat learned ninjitsu at a master level and remembers the man who murdered his owner and the specific reasons surrounding said murder.

    The whole Kraang thing is a cool take on it, though to be honest I kind of want to see another version (besides the Mirage story-line) where the Utroms are good guys. I do like the new Nick Turtles spin where they’re bad guys, but only because we don’t really know what’s going on yet. They’re more like most people imagine aliens I think.

    Anyway, sorry for the lengthy comment. As you know, TMNT is something I can talk about at length.

    • Yeah, the reincarnation thing is what I was referring too. I don’t feel like we know it all yet though. I think it would be cool if it turned out Splinter had his mind messed with and somehow just feels like he is the reincarnation of some ancient warrior.

      Have you read this one yet? I’d be interested to see what you thought of the last page.

      • I have not. I’m a little behind on the books. I actually didn’t know this was a thing until this post.

        I’ve have the first trade and both of the micro series trades. I think I’m up to like issue 12 or 13 maybe. I forget. I don’t make it to the comic store often and I don’t have an e-reader so I have to find… other means of acquiring them and it’s not always easy.

        • Yeah I hear ya, I was not into it at all until I got my iPad Mini. I didn’t want to drive a half hour to the nearest comic shop.

          • I was kind of apprehensive about going digital with my comics, but now I have to say I prefer consuming them this way vs. on the printed page. I love the way Comixology & similar apps frame the action from panel to panel so that your eyes can focus on the story the way it’s meant to be told, and without distraction from nearby panels (but it’s also cool that if you WANT to see the whole page at one time, you can simply zoom out). And the fact that it’s all digital means the artwork and color looks sharp, even when filling up the whole screen.

          • That’s exactly how I feel. I always felt overwhelmed for some reason when I tried to read print comics. I love reading them digitally now.

    • I was also much more accepting of the idea of the TMNT being reincarnated vs. being aliens, and let me tell you why — because instead of destroying the integrity of their origin or the relationship between Splinter and the Turtles, it actually serves to strengthen it. The aliens thing pretty much axes the idea that the Turtles were raised by Splinter, who at that point would just be some rat and not a father figure to them. Not to mention the fact that being aliens means they’re technically not even Turtles…

      • Good call, it’s so new and different but somehow doesn’t feel that different, if that makes sense.

      • That was pretty much the other half of my point that didn’t really articulate due to run away thoughts.

        • The comics feel like a TMNT story. The planned movie sounded like an alien movie in a turtle costume.

  • *Mild Spoilers Ahead*

    I read this on my lunch break yesterday. I’ve been curious how they were going to tie the Kraang to the Foot, and now I guess we (sort of?) know the Kraang have somehow been a source of the Foot’s power for what appears to be centuries. I thought this issue was really well-done from a storytelling standpoint–the fact that we learn about the history through April & Casey’s professor was really cool, and I love that the Turtles were watching from the shadows. I’m with Casey & Raph, though–I don’t trust that guy!

    • Word.

    • Did you notice how the design of the Krang in that last panel had more of a throwback to the 80s cartoon? I loved that.

      • Yeah, but was sadly lacking the bright red underpants.

  • About the IDW series in general, I will say this: I feel they missed the boat with Slash. He looked more like Tokka, and not at all like Slash.