The Most Awesome TMNT Rumor You’ll Read Today

Posted 8 years ago by Games

Rocksteady Studios

Are you one of the bzilions of geeks who enjoyed the two Batman games by Rocksteady Studios? I know I am. Now, are you also a huge TMNT geek? I thought so. There is a rumor going around (sadly not very substantiated) that Rocksteady Studios could be developing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game next. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. It could be dark and gritty like their Batman games, and the combat could be very similar. Insert the Foot Clan, the TMNT rogues gallery, and a healthy bit of nostalgia, and I’m sold.

This rumor is so awesome I actually avoided any Bebop and Rocksteady puns.

I doubt it’s true at all, but it made me happy just thinking about a TMNT game made by the fine folks at Rocksteady, and I thought it was worth posting if only for discussion’s sake. So, what would you like to see in a TMNT game in the style of the Arkham Asylum series? The Party Van? Pizza power-ups? Ace Duck?

  • Sounds like it could be cool, but it would only be good if it was based on the original comic book series and not the 80s goofy cartoon series with the ridiculous mutli-colored masks, and “cowabunga dude” related stuff.

    • Fiji is right – it has to be based on the original comic book. That doesn’t mean you can’t include some of the rogue’s gallery from the Cowabunga version, but, like Arkham, they’ll need to be reimagined for a darker, more serious tone. Thankfully, since most of the bad guys were mutants, you can come up with some pretty gnarly-looking villains. Of course The Shredder needs to be the main boss, too. And if you make him the zombie-worm body Shredder, who can only be defeated by decapitation, you’ve got yourself one hell of a boss battle.

  • I would so buy this game! A dark, grittier version would be sweet!

  • the hope just gave my Friday morning meaning again.