Pinocchio VHS Unboxing with booklet scans

Posted 11 years ago by Movies

In honor of Pinocchio being released on Platinum Edition DVD and Blu-ray, I decided to find a sealed copy of it on the format I grew up with, VHS.

For some reason, seeing old VHS intros makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

In the days before the internet was mainstream, I always looked forward to getting the newest Disney movie on VHS, mainly so I could flip through the booklet inside to see what movies were coming out next. Those booklets, combined with my subscription to Disney Adventures magazine were my RSS feeds of the day, if you will.

Check out the pages from this booklet below. The last couple pages were all about the Muppets, yay! Remember those Muppet Movie VHS tapes that came with the watches?

*ed. – These images died in the transition from Saturday Morning Central to Tophat Sasquatch

  • Cool! I used to love looking at those inserts. It was sort of like a primitive form of browsing Amazon.

    By the way, the Pinocchio Blu-ray is pretty fantastic.