Peanuts 1970s Collection Vol. 2 Review

Posted 10 years ago by Television

Remember the Peanuts 1970s Collection: Vol 1 DVD set I reviewed a few months ago? Well, WB is at it again with the follow up, the Peanuts 1970s Collection: Vol 2.

The title pretty much explains it all, but this collection includes the following six Peanuts TV Specials on two discs:

  • Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975)
  • You’re a Good Sport Charlie Brown (1975)
  • It’s Arbor Day, Charlie Brown (1976)
  • It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown (1977)
  • What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown! (1978)
  • You’re the Greatest, Charlie Brown (1979)

There’s also a nice bonus feature called You’re Groovy, Charlie Brown: A Look at Peanuts in the 70s.

What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown! is on DVD for the first time, and it’s about Snoopy dreaming he’s on a dog sled team in Alaska. I always enjoyed the Peanuts specials that revolved around Snoopy more when I was a kid.

Ultimately, if you’re a Peanuts fan and you’re trying to get all the specials in your collection, you probably already know you want this DVD set. I’m hoarding these classic animation DVDs for when I eventually have kids of my own (hopefully soon) and can show them for the first time.

The Peanuts 1970s Collection: Vol. 2 is available now.

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