OpenEmu: Beautiful Emulation for Macs

Posted 6 years ago by Games


Mac people usually expect two things when it comes to software: the it just works factor and beautiful interfaces. One genre of software that has never gotten much Mac love is video game emulators. Often, they have ancient UIs and are buggy as hell. Well, after years of work, OpenEmu 1.0 is finally available for download, and it’s great.

Much like the XBMC media center software I’m obsessed with, OpenEmu automatically scans your system for games and downloads the box art and information, and presents it all in an easy-to-use and gorgeous interface. There are a ton of options for controllers, and I’m hoping to get a Wii U Pro controller sometime soon to use. I’ve had an old 24″ iMac sitting in my desk for about a year not getting used, and I think I’m going to turn it into a dedicated emulation machine now.

I briefly got into the world of retro game collecting over the summer, but my shelves are too packed as it is, and the cost of old games and systems just seems silly when you can play ROMs instead. I think I realized that my favorite thing about buying old games was the packaging anyway. I’m perfectly fine emulating games, and I’m glad to have a good way to do it on my Macs now.

PS – Sorry for being MIA over Christmas. The combination of getting super busy with work and my grandpa dying kind of made me forget about the site for a while. I hope you all had a great holiday and I’m looking forward to the new year!

  • Thanks for posting this Tommy, nice to see a solid emulator for OSX at last! Still using your Ouya?

    Sorry to hear about your grandpa, but glad you have been busy.

    Happy new year!

    • I haven’t used it much lately but I definitely will. I’ve looked into so many solutions for “easy” emulation on a TV and the Ouya has been the easier by far. I don’t really want to fumble around with a whole computer when I’m just trying to play NES on my TV, so I still think its pretty cool for that.

      OpenEmu will be a really nice thing to handle emulation on a Mac when I’m playing in my office or something though.

  • Tim Briscoe

    Love this post! I’ve been trying to get an emulator running on my Raspberry Pi as well. I’ll have to check this one as well. Looks amazing.