Nostalgia Packs now Available on Amazon!

Posted 6 years ago by Stuff


Hey there! Long time no see. Life got pretty hectic in THS headquarters and I haven’t had much time to think about the blog, but hopefully that will change after the holidays. In the meantime, I wanted to fill you in on something cool in case you haven’t heard any of my other shameless plugs. Nostalgia Packs are now available on Amazon Prime!

I realized I didn’t have time to leave Boxsome open as an on-again-off-again webstore, but that making a standardized Nostalgia Pack and selling them on Amazon could be a fun experiment. So far it has been. I’ve sold quite a few on there, and hopefully people are enjoying them. Selling on Amazon is pretty easy, but getting feedback and reviews is hard, so if you decide to get a Nostalgia Pack, please leave a product review and a seller review and I’d be super grateful!


These Nostalgia Packs are basically a grab bag, but come with:

  • Two random wax packs (Think Nintendo, TMNT, Alf, etc)
  • 1 foil pack (Bill Nye, Power Rangers, Bill & Ted, etc)
  • Random loose cards and stickers
  • Pogs!

I wanted to launch these before Christmas because I think they make fun gifts for geeks like us, and since they’re available via Amazon Prime, you can probably order them all the way up to the 22nd or something and still get them in time.

They are low in stock at the moment but I have a big box that should be at Amazon’s warehouse today or tomorrow, so there should be plenty soon!

Check them out on Amazon

If I don’t post again before Christmas, have a great holiday!