Geek Eats: New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fruit Snacks

Posted 7 years ago by Food

TMNT Fruit Snacks
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New TMNT Fruit Snacks! I don’t think anything has gotten me to drive around Indianapolis’ department and grocery stores in more of a frenzy lately than these have. I was so excited that Turtlemania 2.0 is at Licensed Food Product levels already that I had to have a bunch of boxes. Some to keep, some to eat, and some to send to friends. I’d seen them on Instagram and before I found them, Shawn over at Branded in the 80s found some at his local Wal-Mart, so I knew they were out there. I just couldn’t find any. Luckily I finally tracked some down today!

I’m way more excited about these than I should be. I mean, I like fruit snacks as much as the next guy, but it’s the idea that the Turtles are popular enough to warrant said fruit snacks that gets me pumped up. I keep hoping that before long we’ll get a new TMNT cereal, cookies, and maybe even some Crunchabungas. Ok, so probably not, but I can dream right?

TMNT Fruit Snacks

The fruit snacks aren’t even that well executed, but I don’t care. I still bought three boxes. The Turtles all have the same shape, just with different colors/flavors, and good ol’ Betty Crocker even threw in Shredder and Splinter. They’re a bit more elusive, as the first couple bags I ripped open were about 80% Mikeys, but at least those characters got the fruit-flavored treatment too.

I don’t really know how to comment on the taste other than to say they’re fruit snacks, so you probably know what to expect. And lets face it, if you’re reading this site, I don’t think you’re buying these for the culinary experience. You’re going to put a box on your shelf next to your Turtles cereal and hoard it for 20 years.

TMNT Fruit Snacks

I feel stupid that I’m even trying to make a post about these, but I was so excited and I think these Betty Crocker TMNT Fruit Snacks just exemplify how popular this new show is right now. This was the first time I’d seen them in my local stores, and I literally got the last three boxes they had left. I doubt the stores will be able to keep these stocked, and that’s awesome. I love that the new show is not only a great show, but is really popular too.

With the final part of Season one coming up soon (about 11 days to be exact), I suggest you all go out and buy a ton of boxes of these fruit snacks to show Corporate America that yes, we will buy anything with the Turtles logo on it.

  • I haven’t seen these yet, but I’m less of a fan of snack food items than you guys are (you, Shawn and Jaime–who my wife refers to as my “Twitter Braintrust”) so I haven’t really been looking. I have fond memories of eating TMNT themed snacks as a kid so maybe I’ll get a box if I come across some for nostalgia’s sake. Either way it is exciting to see the franchise doing so incredibly well again.

    Now cereal is something I still love and I would definitely be down for a new TMNT cereal. Especially if it came with another set of those sweet bowls. I know Jaime would love to see the return of TMNT Pudding Pies. I remember loving them as a kid, but the thought of eating one now makes me a little sick. If they ever make a triumphant return she can have all of mine.

    • I’ll be honest I do most of my snack food grazing for nostalgia’s sake. I mean every so often I NEED to eat a package of crackers and cheese with a little red plastic spreader. It’s important. The 8 year-old inside demands it. Much like he did when I bought my box of TMNT fruit snacks and ate it within a week. If I stumbled upon a surviving unopened case of Dunkaroos or Quackers, well, let’s just say I’d tempt my luck with eating some very very old food…

  • It’s like impossible to not get excited about all this Turtles stuff. I have an eye out constantly for stuff when I’m shopping. Things on the “Need to Exist” list include TMNT band-aids, cereal, cereal bowls (good call Wes), tooth brushes (I’d even pop for one of those weird ones that plays music in your mouth), some sort of pizza-flavored snack cracker, and shoes. Please Vans, make me some TMNT shoes…!