NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stop Motion

Posted 11 years ago by Toys

Ever since they came out, I’ve been dying to get my hands on the NECA TMNT figures, but have never gotten around to it. I read about the awesome amount of articulation in them, and so I’ve always thought they would be great to use in some silly stop motion videos. This guy beat me to it, and the result is surprising.

Most stop motion videos on YouTube look like the ones I made when I was little, but the animation in this is smooth.

  • YES!!!

  • Wow. That’s pretty hard to pull off without a puppet designed for stop-mo. Great job on that one. Guy must have a ridiculous amount of patience along with a fantastic sense of timing.

    • Definitely. Also, did he make that Slash figure out of a NECA? If so, awesome.

  • yeah, wow. I didn’t expect to be impressed, but I am.

  • Wow, that was smooooth. Totally have been playing with my toys the wrong way, lol.

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