‘The Muppet Movie’ Finally Coming to Blu-ray this August

Posted 7 years ago by Movies

The Muppet Movie

I was about negative six years old when The Muppet Movie came out, but it’s always been my favorite movie. Even now I go back and forth between this and Jurassic Park when it comes to my Ultimate Favorite Movie Everâ„¢, but I’m sure after the Blu-ray is released on August 13th and I rewatch it a million times, it’ll come out on top.

Kermit, does this film have socially redeeming value?

I sincerely hope Disney shoves this movie down the throats of all the young kids who may not have caught it on VHS or DVD. It’s a classic buddy movie, road movie, and well…Muppet Movie, and the humor, music, and heart still hold up after all these years. Featuring a steller soundtrack (referenced in this hilarious Onion article), a bunch of cameos, and some great one-liners, I kind of want to stop this sentence and just go watch it.

Go preorder it on Amazon!

Via Blu-ray.com