Missing Links: Wreck-it Ralph, TMNT, Lazer Tag, 8-Bitty

Posted 8 years ago by Missing Links

Missing Links

The Top Hat Sasquatch team reads a lot of blog posts every day, and some slip through the crack or just don’t warrant their own post. That’s where Missing Links comes in. Every few days we collect the best links we’ve come across and pass them on to you.

iCade 8-Bitty | Uncrate
I don't have much use for an iPad sized arcade cabinet, but this 8-bitty controller from iCade sounds about right. I think I'll end up with one of these.

The Best WWII Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen
A nice bit of original writing on an otherwise news-related site. I look forward to checking out some of these movies.

Hasbro’s new Lazer Tag guns use iOS devices for HUD and augmented reality | The Verge
I've been looking for an excuse to buy some new Lazer Tag guns and try to convince some friends to play, and guns that use iPhones as a HUD just might be the ticket.

Coming Out Of My Shell
The Surfing Pizza finds a sealed cassette of the TMNT Coming Out of Their Shells album. Hilarity ensues.

First Look: Disney’s Video Game-Inspired ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ | /Film
Just a few pieces of concept art, but every time I remember that this movie is coming this year I get excited. I can't wait for a trailer.