Missing Links: Disney, Henson, iPad, Kickstarter

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The Top Hat Sasquatch team reads a lot of blog posts every day, and some slip through the crack or just don’t warrant their own post. That’s where Missing Links comes in. Every few days we collect the best links we’ve come across and pass them on to you.

Jim Henson & Frank Oz Talking In 1989 With Kermit & More | The Mary Sue
This is a great find, I love looking up Jim Henson stuff on YouTube.

A month with the iPad mini — Minimally Minimal
A great write-up of what an iPad Mini is like. I've had mine for less than a month and I love it.

10 Tips to Avoid Getting Burned by Kickstarter | ShezCrafti
Jaime over at ShezCrafti wrote an excellent guide to using Kickstarter (as a consumer). Some great tips here.

The Walt Disney Image Problem
Interesting article about Walt Disney. I always roll my eyes at people when they say something about Disney being a Nazi, but it’s hard to blame them when the company doesn’t do much to educate people about what he was really like.

HAL 9000 | Uncrate
Is this awesome? Yes. Is this practical? I don't think so, Dave.

Song of the South: Disney’s Most Notorious Film by Jason Sperb, reviewed. – Slate Magazine
I can't wait to read this book. Song of the South is one of the most interesting pieces of Disney history.

Steve Jobs Promotes “Toy Story” | Cartoon Brew
A very cool little piece of animation history. Great find.

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    I need to remember to check your blog like every single day. That book about Song of the South looks like a great read.

    • Thanks 🙂 And yeah I can’t wait to read that one.