Random Toy Review: Mighty World Cat Burglar and SWAT Officer

Posted 8 years ago by Toys

Mighty World Toys

Just recently I dug out my Tub-O-Toys™ that had been in storage for the past three years or so, and among all the old action figures and vehicles I found a surprise. I had two Mighty World figures still in their package that I had picked up at Target with the intention of posting here. I had never heard of Mighty World toys, and I was intrigued by the Playmobil-like generalness of their themes and the highly detailed, almost wooden appearance of their sculpts.

Ok, so the real reason I bought these was because they had a Cat Burglar figure, and I’ve always thought children’s toys of vagrants and criminals is such a funny concept.

Mighty World was pretty new when I picked these toys up, and I haven’t seen them in stores for a while. You can still buy them online but it looks like the line failed for the most part. Like Playmobil, they had a lot of everyday people and occupations represented by their figures and playsets. Police, construction workers, outdoorsy adventure-types, and of course Cat Burglars.

I knew I had to have Cary the Cat Burglar when I saw him, but I needed him to have a partner in crime or arch enemy, and since it wouldn’t make sense for a firefighter or a baker to play that role, I picked up Ramon the S.W.A.T. Officer. He had a gun.

Cary the Cat Burglar

Cary the Cat Burglar

The little guy that caught my attention was Cary the Cat Burglar. He’s dressed to kill steal things and comes complete with a big duffle-bag, a few white bags, and a flashlight. Unfortunately, the white bags do not have money signs on them. I like to think his duffle-bag is filled with money and/or drugs, and his white bags contain all the weapons they somehow forgot to include as accessories. I mean come on, the Mighty World Kayaker dude comes with a pistol.

The bio on his action figure card paints a surprisingly noble picture:

He leaves no fingerprints, no DNA, and never triggers an alarm. No one knows his true identity. Cloaked in the age-old mystique of the gentlemen jewel thief, he has proven to be quite a slippery fella for law enforcement. His elaborate heists are legendary. Will the long arm of he law ever catch up to him?

I want to have lunch with this guy. He sounds awesome. I bet under that mask he has a pencil mustache, and in his spare time likes to watch old movies and sip vintage scotch. He probably just steals jewels to fund his philanthropy.

I could sit here forever and make up a fake history for Mighty Town and how the government there is corrupt, but at the end of the day it’s actually kind of cooler knowing that they just wanted to make a criminal toy for ages four and up. Oddly enough, Cary is nowhere to be found on their website.

Ramon the SWAT Officer

Ramon the S.W.A.T. Officer

When I bought these toys I thought I was buying a police officer, but it turns out Mighty Town is dangerous enough to warrant a S.W.A.T. team. But Ramon isn’t dressed in the typical black outfit with riot gear, he’s sporting a blue suit with a ton of pockets and places to keep things and sunglasses and removable hair.

Oh, and a rifle that for some reason he can only carry like a briefcase.

The sculpt on Ramon is pretty detailed and awesome, even down to the frustrating dual pistols sculpted into his holsters. Attention toy companies: sculpted guns in sculpted holsters are zero fun. Ramon also comes with the same flashlight, which looks a lot like a lightsaber handle, so if you’re as bored as me you can imagine Ramon and Cary getting into it Jedi-style.

Let’s find out a bit more about Ramon:

After serving the Mighty Town Police Department for a couple of years, Ramon volunteered to undergo months of rigorous tactical and intense physical training to become a full fledged S.W.A.T. officer. He is now part of a highly skilled and well-equipped elite unit keeping Mighty Town safe.

I’m starting to think Cary the Cat Burglar is not a very accurate representation of the criminal activity in Mighty Town.


Ramon's Sculpt Details

In all honesty, this is a toy line I would have loved when I was younger. The detail is great and the accessories are cool. The vehicles and playsets look pretty great too. If I remember correctly, these guys were a little pricey, which could explain why they didn’t do so well.

I would have been a bit bothered by how these toys wouldn’t place nicely with my 6″ action figures, and would in fact look like Hobbits in comparison, but I still would have played with them. I’m actually kind of bummed I didn’t get any more of these. It’d be pretty cool to have a whole Hobbit-sized police force and military for a big Hulk figure to throw around and what-not.

Did any of you Geek Dads and Geek Moms every get these for your kids? If so, did they like them? Bonus points if you got them Cary the Cat Burglar.

If you want to pick up some Mighty World toys ebay is your best bet, but I’ve seen some on Amazon too.

I wish I could find new toys hiding around my house more often.