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Micro Machines Z-bots

Posted 8 years ago by Toys

If you were a child of the late 80s/early 90s like me, it was hard to avoid the Micro Machines commercials. I had quite a few, including the awesome fold-out city in a bus (which I can’t seem to find online). Tiny cars and trucks are cool and all, but they don’t compare to tiny robots and their ginormous compandres. Even though I didn’t own very many Z-Bots, I was a big fan.

Especially of this guy:

In fact, the Megabot set may have made up the only Z-Bots I ever owned, but it was enough to etch them in my nostalgic memory for years and years. Someday I’ll get him back.

Ps – Google Z-Bots and you’ll find there are quite a few hardcore/crazy collectors out there. Not that that’s surprising, just sayin’.

Further Reading

  • Man, I had a couple dozen Z-Bots! My favorite was called Q-Bak. He came with a sweet vehicle.

  • And also, I’ve gotta say that the Kay Bee price tag on that package for Mega Bot is all too appropriate.