Marvel Superhero Plushies Bring the Cuteness

Posted 9 years ago by Toys

Marvel Plush

HULK CUDDLE! We here at Top Hat Sasquatch aren’t afraid to embrace our inner cuteness, and we appreciate it when our geek toys and collectibles aren’t either. That seems to be the case with these Marvel Comics Plushies from Funko, and I want them all.

Plushie Hulk and Thor are my favorites, at least until they get around to making Plushie Deadpool and Plushie Punisher. What about you? Name the Marvel character you think would make the best/weirdest Plushie in the comments.

Via Laughing Squid

  • IDK. I think Plushie Mystique would be pretty weird, but a Plushie Rogue would kind of be badass.