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Posted 8 years ago by Toys

Portal LEGO

We’ve mentioned LEGO’s new Kickstarter-esque site CUUSOO a couple of times before on the ‘squatch and since that time it’s grown quite a bit. The LEGO Minecraft set has actually been produced (review coming soon!), and many more projects have passed the 10,000 supporter mark needed for LEGO to step in and review their potential.

Users post some amazing builds there, but most of them seem to be projects that LEGO would never make, like the awesome Shaun of the Dead pub set or the countless OMG Please Make Phineas and Ferb sets! that you’ll find on the site. Most of the time I see a CUUSOO project that would require LEGO to get a license from a company, I ignore it.

But then again the Minecraft set was licensed (albeit from a small company) so it’s always a possibility. I hope that’s the case for this amazing Portal-inspired CUUSOO project because I’d love to see it become a reality. A group of talented builders have mocked up an extensive collection of Portal LEGO products including multiple sets and a Heroica-style board game. The sets are modular and would let you make your own Portal puzzle room, which is brilliant.

The sets all look great, and surely if LEGO can get a license from Mojang they can get one from Valve, but time and a few thousand more supporters will tell. Make sure to check out the project’s page on CUUSOO and be sure to vote for it if you’d like LEGO to consider making it a really-for-real product!

Via The Brothers Brick

  • Totally freaking awesome. This made my morning! I supported the project & reposted on my blog; hopefully it’ll help send some more Portal fans in that direction.

    • Yeah I’d love to see this happen! Especially the Portal board game.