LEGO Palace Cinema is Awesome, Only Seats Six

Posted 6 years ago by Toys


As if LEGO Hobbits, Super Heroes, Minecraft, and Back to the Future wasn’t enough to drain your bank account, the newest set in the high-end Creator series is the Palace Cinema, and it’s awesome. I love the marquee and I hope the letters can be easily changed, because I’ve got lots of movies to screen for my minifigures.

This LEGO movie theater fits with the other modular buildings, like the Town Hall I got in July and have only completed the first floor of. These sets are really fun (and hard) to assemble, but there really aren’t any other LEGO products like them. They’re top notch. Here are some more photos:

It’s kind of weird that it only seats six, but I guess they don’t have a lot of space to work with. Regardless, it’s awesome. It comes with a concession stand, how could you not love it?

Via The Brothers Brick