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Further Proof ‘The LEGO Movie’ is Going to be Awesome

Posted 3 years ago by Movies, Toys

The LEGO Movie

Man, I am so ridiculously pumped for The LEGO Movie. It looks hilarious and I love the design of the film and how the characters move like real LEGOs instead of the bendy style of the LEGO video games and TV shows. The cast is amazing, and now I’m excited about all the upcoming tie-in LEGO sets.

The entire next series of collectible minifigures are from the movie and they’re all great. Abraham Lincoln? Panda Suit guy? Crazy hillbilly robot thingy? Awesome.

Besides the minifigures, there are going to be 17 sets based on the movie, and they look like so much fun. You can see them all over at Euro Bricks, but here are a couple of my favorites.

LEGO sets

I love how a lot of these sets look like crazy vehicles and mechs based on classic LEGO lines such as the Castle and city (fire, recycling, etc) themes. You can tell the people making this movie love LEGO.

Ice Cream set

Some random things I’m looking forward to in The LEGO Movie:

  • Will Ferrell’s villain character – Lord Business/President Business
  • Charlie Day as Benny the Space Guy
  • Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) as a Pirate
  • Incompetent Batman played by Will Arnett
  • Liam Neeson’s Good Cop/Bad Cop character
  • The video game based on the movie

Here’s the latest trailer if you haven’t seen it.

The LEGO Movie comes out in April.

  • Mason Allen

    This movie looks AMAZING! It’s so cool that the next minifigures series is based soley on the movie. I want all the robot figures. They’re perfect for steam punk themed builds.