Help Kickstart This Awesome LEGO Modular Western Town

Posted 9 years ago by Toys

LEGO Western Town

You guys are probably all familiar with Kickstarter, but did you know there is a LEGO equivalent currently in beta called Cuusoo? Over at the new site users can upload ideas for sets and if the project reachers 10,000 supporters, it will get an official review from a LEGO jury and consideration to be a real product. I first heard about it when the Minecraft idea reached it’s goal in 48 hours and got a little closer to becoming real.

Well, I haven’t kept up with a lot of the projects on there since then (most are not that great looking), but I found a jem while browsing the r/lego subreddit the other day. Cuusoo user mb_real uploaded a beautiful and ridiculously functional idea for a Modular Western Town, and I want it to become real even more than the Minecraft sets.

Each building is meant to be a stand-alone set, but can be combined to create a whole Western Town. I think LEGO should bring back it’s Western theme, and I can’t think of a better way than with something as awesome as this. Not only do the buildings look great on the outside, but they’re packed full of detail on the inside and look like a lot of fun to build and play with.

You can check out more photos at mb_real’s Flickr page, and you should sign up for Cuusoo and support the cause.