LEGO Collectible Minifgures Series 10

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Minifigures Series 10

Even though I’m a couple series behind now, I love the LEGO Collectable Minifigures. I think I have the first 6 or 7 series complete, but lately they’ve been coming out faster than I can find them. I’m not very patient with blind-boxed toys at all, but luckily there are some sellers on eBay that offer complete series for not a whole lot more than retail. Especially when you factor in all the duplicates you’d probably end up with if you bought them at the store, paying $50-60 for a complete series isn’t a bad deal. (I recommend Minifigures Plus on eBay)

I love what LEGO is doing with these series and although we haven’t gotten a Sasquatch minifig yet, they are coming out with some amazing figures. Just look at the old man, paintball player, sea captain, and Medusa in series 10. Awesome. Not to mention the Gold Minifigure totally looks like the living statue from Hot Fuzz.

I hope LEGO keeps coming out with these series because among all the licensed LEGO themes now (as cool as those are), it’s nice to see something awesome and original coming out of the company again.

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  • The Gorgon is awesome. Is that a human stature on the back right?

    • I think that’s what it is supposed to be! I love the gruff-looking mechanic guy too.

  • Tim Briscoe

    One of my guilty pleasures is the Parker Posey movie “Party Girl”. This nerdy girl’s book has to be a nod to that. She works as a librarian and mistakes Darwin’s “Origin of Species” as “Oranges and Peaches.” Now I gotta get that fig.

    • Haha that’s awesome. I’m a fan of hers but I’d not heard of that movie. I’ll have to check it out! I love her in the Christopher Guest movies.

  • Bought a blind bag from series 9, addiction may be forming.