Cool Stuff: LEGO McDonald’s Mecha

Posted 8 years ago by Toys

Big MaK

Regular old McDonald’s food in LEGO form would be cool enough to warrant posting on the site, but take that a thousand steps further and make a Mecha made out of LEGO McDonald’s food and you’ve got a guaranteed spot on the site.

The Big MaK by Siercon and Coral should be licensed by McDonald’s for their Happy Meals, but I doubt we’ll get that lucky. For now we’ll just have to admire their work through the Internets.

Via Super Punch’s LEGO Roundup

  • McDonalds Mech, let the fries fly!

  • Oh man, that is awesome!

  • I would eat 1,000 burgers to collect all those pieces… let me rephrase, I would buy a 1,000 burgers and feed the world! Then I’d build the Big MaK. 🙂