First Look at Roseanne’s ‘Kraang Prime’ TMNT Character

Posted 7 years ago by Television


The Nickelodeon TMNT show has been on hiatus for a while, but this behind-the-scenes video is hyping the finale of the series, so hopefully that means it will be back on track soon. This extremely cheesy video from Nick features “Noah and Gabby” hamming it up with an uncomfortable-looking Ciro Nieli to look at the upcoming hour-long special that will introduce Roseanne’s (apparently male) Kraang Prime character.

Her voice isn’t at all what I expected, but since it’s Roseanne I’m sure she’ll get a little more animated than that. TMNT geeks online are speculating that Kraang Prime is going to be the Nick series’ answer to OT Krang, and I really hope so. I think “The Kraang” should take a backseat in season 2 and leave Kraang Prime and Shredder as the main baddies. Oh, and the Technodrome, they definitely need to bring back the Technodrome.

In other TMNT news, did you hear that Mos Def is going to play Baxter Stockman in the new TMNT movie? Even though I still don’t care about that movie, but you have to admit, that’s an awesome bit of casting.

  • Not sure I’m digging Roseanne’s Krang Prime voice, but I’m glad the show is finally revealing a main “Kraang” villain. Despite all the cool new mutants the show has come up with, this first season has really lacked an over-arching bad guy. :/

    • SpaceMonkeyX

      I agree – the show needs a central villain. My 5-year old daughter has been watching with me since the premiere and she often forgets Shredder’s name, simply because he hasn’t really been much of a presence on the show.