King Kong World Tour Fail

Posted 7 years ago by Toys


I haven’t failed this miserably in a long time. I signed up to be a stop on Brian of Cool and Collected’s King Kong World Tour list months ago. The box with King Kong arrived amidst a sea of other boxes while the wife and I were on vacation, and it sat in my office (which right now looks like an episode of Hoarders) for months before I realized I even had it.

So, King Kong has not enjoyed his time in Indianapolis very well, but at least he’s now on his way to visit the rest of the world. To make it up to the world, I made a special coupon code over at Boxsome good for 15% off. Use the code KINGKONG at checkout and get some rad trading cards on the cheap thanks to my blogging fail.

  • Ben Rollier

    Wow. I signed up for that too. Totally forgot about it.

  • Brian (Cool and Collected)

    He lives!!! Looking forward to getting Kong back on the road. Thanks Tommy!