Kickstarter Roundup: First Edition

Posted 6 years ago by Games

Kickstarter Roundup

Today I’m dusting off the site (busy, busy, busy) and starting a new series of posts: Kickstarter Roundups. There are so many awesome projects on Kickstarter at any given time and it can be hard to weed through them all and find ones you want to back. Hopefully this new series will help point out some that have been on the radar of the Top Hat Sasquatch team and in return, you can let us know in the comments about cool projects you’ve backed.

The first entry in this series is all about games, tabletop games to be precise. Kickstarter is the perfect place to figure out if your game will have an audience and then fund production if it does. I’m sure there are a lot of awful games on Kickstarter, but there are a lot of awesome ones. I have had a few ideas lately for games I’d like to develop, and just browsing Kickstarter has been an enormous help. In the process, I have backed some cool projects that I’m really excited about.

Flatland – The Game of Many Dimensions

Flatland is one of my favorite books. Rather than ever focus on my actual homework in High School, I would just read books I found interesting, and Flatland was one I read a couple times. Adam Di Angelo and crew have crafted a dice game based on the book, and it looks awesome. This is a game that I would own even if I didn’t think I would have many chances to play it.

You can get the game by pledging at least $30.


Minion: Epic & Hilarious Multiplayer Strategy Card Game!

Minion looks like a really fun card game along the lines of Magic (which I have never played) but infused with a little more humor. I tend to not take things very seriously and I doubt I would have the attention span to play a super serious card game, but Minion looks right up my alley. The art looks great and the campaign is just over half-way funded with about 25 days to go.

You can get the game for a $30 pledge.

Creative Clash: A Card Game

I’m still on the fence about backing this one, but it looks like a fun game. I’m not a graphic designer, but as a freelance web developer I work with a ton of marketing agencies, so I understand the language of this game about creative agencies battling for ego points. It gets tons of bonus points for it’s style, a great video, and having a handy website to accompany the project.

You can get the game for a $25 pledge.

Dig Down Dwarf

DIG DOWN DWARF: The Award Winning Strategic Dice Game!

Roll dice, mine gems, and use your powers to become the new Dwarf King!. Dig Down Dwarf is a really well put together campaign. It looks like they have everything planned out, and I’m sure that’s why they are at over five times their funding goal already. The art looks fun, and I like that it comes with little gems and dice too.

You can get the game for $16, but $22 gets you the game and an expansion.

Pen and paper RPG’s are also a popular thing on Kickstarter, but most of the projects I found had already ended. Projects like Dungeon World, Fate Core, and Risus were all funded and have become successful little indie RPGs. But I’ll write more about those in the future.

Have you backed any cool Kickstarter game projects recently? If so, tell us about it!