Watch This: The Muppets in ‘Kermit’s Party’ Shorts

Posted 8 years ago by Videos

I’m not very tolerant of commercials. I pretty much only see them online now that I don’t watch TV, but I don’t mind sitting through some commercials for Bounty paper towels if it means getting three new Muppet shorts. After the huge success of the new Muppet movie, the world is waiting to see what the next move for everyone’s favorite puppets will be. I think they fit in great in the world of online video, but these shorts make me wish I could see them in a sitcom-type environment. All of the Muppets living together in Kermit’s mansion, perhaps?

That was kind of the idea in Muppets From Space, but with some good writers it could be a great format for a new TV show. I would like to see them ditch the idea of the Muppets running a TV show and just focus more on the characters.

These Bounty shorts aren’t as good as some of the Muppets previous YouTube outings, but it’s nice to see them in demand again. I can’t imagine many companies were knocking down the door to get the Muppets in their commercials a few years ago.

What do you think the Muppets should do now that they’ve had a revival?