Don’t Miss Out On Joey Ellis’ Kickstarter Project ‘Leaky Timbers’

Posted 6 years ago by Comics


I follow a ton of comic artists on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and via RSS. It’s not hyperbole to say that none of them entertains me more than Joey Ellis. For my money, Joey’s tremendous art and hilarious comic sense are without equal.

Money is what I gladly gave to his Leaky Timbers project on Kickstarter. Leaky Timbers is Joey’s hardcover comic book starring a trio of monster brothers led by Wolfie. They live in an apartment complex named Leaky Timbers.

The project is currently at 82% of its goal with under two weeks remaining. It’s probably safe to say that the project will get funded and become a reality. That’s just one of the reasons you should contribute. Unlike numerous projects on Kickstarter, there is little doubt the project will wither and die without completion. You’re nearly assured to get the goods. (As with all Kickstarter projects, if it doesn’t meet its goal, you don’t pay.)

Another outstanding reason to contribute is for the video updates that Joey has been producing. The videos—available on the website to backers only—star a puppet version of Wolfie. The short segments are absolutely hilarious. They remind me of Homestar Runner and Strongbad heyday. That’s a big comparison and I think it’s more than worthy. They are so good that it’s a shame they’re only available to people who fund the project. They’d serve as a tremendous marketing tool.

I was so impressed with Joey’s videos that they convinced me to up my contribution to get a copy of his sketchbook as well. I hope Joey continues to do videos with Wolfie even after Leaky Timbers runs on Kickstarter. He has knack for this puppetry. You can also tell the Muppets are a strong influence.



There’s the book too. Of course that’s the real meat here. Ellis has such a fun visual style to his illustrations. I can’t wait to get my hands on Leaky Timbers. Having a signed copy will also be a great keepsake. Once the project meets goal, perhaps there will be stretch goals established. Getting an actual Wolfie puppet would get me to sign over my entire paycheck to Joey.

Jump on the Joey bandwagon now. That way you can laugh at all your friends when he becomes super famous.

Leaky Timbers book

Leaky Timbers art