Cool Stuff: Muppeteer Jerry Nelson’s New Album

Posted 10 years ago by Music, Stuff

Remember when I made a list of the Best Beatles Covers from the Muppet Show, and I said I could listen to a whole album of Jerry Nelson singing? Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now thanks to his new album, Truro Daydreams.

Jerry Nelson is of course the super talented puppeteer/voice actor/musician that you probably know as the characters Floyd, The Count, Gobo Fraggle, and too many more to mention. I heard about a year ago that he was coming out with an album, and it looks like it was just now released. It’s a very cool blend of a lot of different styles of music, and I highly recommend picking it up.

It’s a $9.99 download from Digstation (requires signing up for an account).

Thanks to ToughPigs for the tip.

  • Jerry Nelson

    Thanks, Tommy. I just spotted this and I appreciate the mention.
    Keep up the nice work & good luck,
    Jerry Nelson