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Cool Stuff: James Boorman’s ‘Faces of the Universe’ Print

Posted 4 years ago by Art

Faces of the Universe

I know I don’t give Masters of the Universe enough love around here, mainly because it (along with Thundercats) was just a couple years before my time and I feel like I missed the boat on being nostalgic about the toys and cartoons. Still, this art print by James Boorman is awesome, and I’m sure you all who grew up with the show will appreciate it.

I’ve been following James on Instagram and seeing his progress on his Faces of the Universe print, and I love his style. Check out his site to see the finished product, as well as a lot of other really great art.

James said he’s looking into setting up an online shop soon, so key your eyes on his Twitter and Instagram feeds so you can snag a MOTU print of your own. Also, he’s got some pretty cool TMNT faces on his site too, so hopefully we’ll see that as a print sometime soon.