Hollywood Making Asteroids Movie

Posted 11 years ago by Games


Thanks in part to all the people who put Transformers 2 over $200 million in five days, Hollywood now officially thinks that the public will only accept films based on pre-sold franchises. We’ve all heard how there will be movies based on Monopoly, Candyland, Stretch Armstrong, and Battleship, but now they’re digging into the classic video game archives, starting with Asteroids.

I see what they’re trying to do. Kids from the 70s are now all grown up and have kids of their own, so why not try and tap that market? Soon enough we’ll be seeing trailers for Centipede, Pole Position, and Pitfall.

Asteroids was way before my time, but my family had the arcade cabinet when I was growing up, so its nostalgic for me too. I’ll never forget the look and sound of this:

Someday I would love to get that arcade back, the art is permanently ingrained in my mind. All nostalgia aside, however, I don’t see a movie based on the game being any better than Armageddon or Deep Impact.

  • JP

    Ha, can’t wait to see what Hollywood does with Burgertime! Now THAT is a game that needs to be turned into a movie.

    • Hah, that would be great! Maybe it could have Jack Black.