You Had Me At ‘Hobbit Moleskine Notebooks’

Posted 8 years ago by Books

Hobbit Moleskines

Seriously, Moleskine, just shut up and take my money. As a guy who spends way too much time in front of screens I tend to enjoy things like paper and pens whenever I can. I’ve usually always got a Moleskine notebook with me, but I’ve yet to pull the trigger on any of the licensed variety. It’s not that I didn’t love the Star Wars and LEGO notebooks, but I just didn’t have to have them.

However, I need these Hobbit inspired notebooks pretty bad. They come in brownish and redish varieties complete with awesome Tolkieny embossed illustrations and fold-out maps. I’m sure they’ll make you look like a huge nerd when you’re sitting at Starbucks taking notes, but I don’t care, I want ’em.

Check out the page on Moleskine’s website to learn more. They’re available to buy in a few places, but why not get them from ThinkGeek and build up points?

Between these and my Tolkien/Calvin & Hobbes Mashup t-shirt, I think I’m ready to see The Hobbit.