Preview the First Track from The Soundtrack to ‘The Hobbit’

Posted 8 years ago by Music

The Hobbit Soundtrack

I haven’t talked much about The Lord of the Rings and my obsession love with Tolkien much on this site. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t running this blog in High School, because between those movies and the Star Wars prequels, it’s all I would have blogged about.

One of my favorite things about the LOTR movies was the score by Howard Shore, and it’s the thing I’m looking forward to the most about The Hobbit films. Now we can preview the first track, and after listening to it I’m even more excited. I was afraid it would just be more of the same music, but this sounds a lot different (but still awesome).

Radagast the Brown is a character I’m not very familiar with, but he looks awesome in the trailer and his track is pretty bitchin’. So, what do you think? Are you excited about The Hobbit? What’d you think of this track?

  • Radagast was only ever mentioned briefly in any of Tolkein’s stuff so I’m interested to see how they use him since they’ll basically be making it up. I really like this score and the trailer with the dwarves singing “Misty Mountain Cold” gave me chills it’s so good. I can’t wait!

    Tolkein’s Middle-earth is another one of my passions. I’m going to stop myself now or this will be a very long comment indeed, but as a fan of Tolkein yourself what are your feelings on them splitting the Hobbit into three movies?

    • I’m pretty excited about it now, I think. One one hand, it will _suck_ waiting a year in between these movies. On the other hand, as a fan of what Peter Jackson has done in Tolkien’s world, I love the idea of getting three more movies, even if they have to use the Appendices and fill in some gaps to get there.