Shirt of the Day: Halfling and Wizard

Posted 8 years ago by Shirts

Halfling and Wizard

Calvin and Hobbes mashups are becoming quite the rage these days. Bill Watterson’s classic comic strip has such a great art style and lends itself so well to depictions of Pop Culture bromance. This shirt entitled Halfling and Wizard went up for sale today on Threadless, and it’s probably my favorite Calvin and Hobbes mashup yet. Frodo looks so cute in Watterson’s style, as does everyone’s favorite wizard, Gandalf.

This kind of makes me want to see a Empire-inspired, Luke and Yoda in the style of Calvin and Hobbes, but I don’t know how cute Yoda would look as Calvin. Maybe Cool Johnny can tackle that one next.

You can buy the shirt at Threadless and a tiny bit will come back to us, letting us buy toys and goof off and such.