Gravity Falls is Finally Back with ‘Boss Mabel’

Posted 7 years ago by Television

Boss Mabel

We love us some Gravity Falls around here and have been dying to see the hilarious cartoon return with new episodes. Thankfully, episode 13, titled ‘Boss Mabel’, ended the hiatus last Friday and new episodes will keep coming.

It took me a few days to finally catch Boss Mabel, and after rewatching every Gravity Falls episode a bzillion times I was worried the new episode wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Luckily, it’s just as great as all the others.

In Boss Mabel, Mabel challenges Grunkle Stan that she would be a better boss of the Mystery Shack. She encourages Stan to go on a vacation so she can try out her business ideas. Dipper loves the idea because he wants a chance to get some actual mysterious creatures as exhibits, and Soos wants to try out his Questiony The Question Mark mascot idea.

Stan goes away with hopes of getting on a game show, and mabel puts on a shoulder-padded business suit and prepares to rake in profits. Hilarity ensues.

Gravity Falls Episode 13

Mabel is my favorite character on the show, and she’s hilarious in this episode. Everything from her Succeeding in Management book from 1983 to her inspirational posters is great, as is watching Stan con his way onto a game show. The great thing about Gravity Falls is how subtle most of the humor is, and this episode is no exception. There are so many jokes that fly by without much notice but are super clever when you stop and think abou them.

Dipper grabbing a mace and jumping out the window yelling “Dipper out!” made me laugh out loud but at the same time perfectly describes his character. Everyone at the Mystery Shack is so excited about Stan being gone that all their immaturity and character flaws come out when no one is there to hold them back.

Meanwhile in the subplot, Stan is having the time of his life on Cash Wheel, Wendy basically just skips for the day (kudos for not forcing a subplot on her), Soos eventually thinks he’s been adopted by a pack of wolves, and Dipper gets more than he can handle when he brings the Gremoblin to the Shack.

Gravity Falls Episode 13

Mabel starts to go a little crazy and become more Stan-like when things aren’t going her way at the Shack, but never loses her charm. She tries to employ the forest animals and has Waddles the pig hold her calls and get her a latte. Spoiler: he just eats her money, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

The plot seems like a sitcom cliche on the outside, but when it’s given the Gravity Falls spin it seems new and way better. That is why Gravity Falls reminds me of The Simpsons so much. Even though everyone learns their lessons in the end, it never gets too predictable.

Make sure to stick around during the credits for Stan’s awesome loser dance. Man, I missed this show.

  • Dex

    It seemed like a forever hiatus, didn’t it? I only hope they figure out what a show they have and keep it going.

    • Yeah I know! It looks like it’s back on for every-other-Friday now thankfully.

  • I still need to see this show! Now more than ever.