Gary Oldman Channels Viktor Reznov on Conan

Posted 8 years ago by Television

I may have given up on the Call of Duty games a year or two ago, but I still look fondly on the first game I ever owned on my Xbox 360, Call of Duty: World at War. If you’ve played that game (or Black Ops), you’re probably aware that legendary actor and all-around badass Gary Oldman voiced the Russian character Viktor Reznov. Well, Mr. Oldman was on Conan recently and the topic of video game voiceovers got brought up, and to the delight of geeks everywhere he spouted off a few Viktor Reznov phrases rather loudly.

I’ve always wandered what legit actors think about lending their voices to video games, and it looks like Oldman is a good sport about it.

Via The Verge