New Trailer for TMNT In Time Reshelled

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This looks like so much more fun than TMNT Smash Up. It comes out tomorrow, August 5th, on Xbox LIVE. Here’s an early review.

If anyone else will be playing this tomorrow, my gamertag is BlueAwesome.

Papercraft NES

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There’s nothing more nostalgic than the design of the Nintendo Entertainment Center. Don’t have a spare lying around to decorate your desk? Cubeecraft has a handy print-out that lets you make your own. I’ll post a pic after I make mine later!

Ps – they also posted the Dreamcast.

8-bit and Beyond Art Show by The Autumn Society

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no more bulliying

The Autumn Society, the group of artists in Philadelphia whom you may have heard of from their 80’s Pop Art Show is putting on another event that I wish I could go to. 8-Bit and Beyond looks like it’s going to be another awesome show.

Mr. Goomba

Via Doctoroc, who is going to be the DJ at the event. Check out his post for many more examples of the art that will be there.

Hollywood Making Asteroids Movie

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Thanks in part to all the people who put Transformers 2 over $200 million in five days, Hollywood now officially thinks that the public will only accept films based on pre-sold franchises. We’ve all heard how there will be movies based on Monopoly, Candyland, Stretch Armstrong, and Battleship, but now they’re digging into the classic video game archives, starting with Asteroids.

I see what they’re trying to do. Kids from the 70s are now all grown up and have kids of their own, so why not try and tap that market? Soon enough we’ll be seeing trailers for Centipede, Pole Position, and Pitfall.

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Parcheesi – The Royal Game of India (and my childhood)

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Photo by Great Beyond

Growing up, I was never able to play board games as much as I wanted, party because my siblings were all 10+ years older than me and out of the house by the time I was six. Most of my games were strictly for kids, and that meant I only got to play them when someone came over. As soon as a friend or cousin would step foot in my room, I’d be busting out The Grape Escape or Bonkers like they were going out of style.

On the other hand, one game I did get to play a lot growing up was Parcheesi. This was a game my Mom would play with me. This was the Royal Game of India, and has always had an important place in my nostalgia.

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