New Details on Disney’s Epic Mickey Game

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Epic Mickey

I’m sure all you gamers have heard of Warren Spector’s crazy-looking Disney Wii game Epic Mickey. Well, Game Informer has released a new batch of info and images about the game, and it sounds awesome.

If you haven’t heard about it, the title is pretty accurate. It’s an epic adventure where you play as Mickey Mouse in a disutopian/steampunk style environment in which Disney’s lower cast of characters have teamed up to defeat you. Its cool that Disney is backing a project like this, where Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a villain.

Epic Mickey

For us animation buffs, it’s cool that they’re using the classic Disney shorts and comic strips as inspiration, even obscure characters like the Mad Doctor and the Phantom Blot. Spector is about as hardcore of a Mickey fan as you can get, so you can expect this game to be chocked full of references to Mickey’s history.

The gameplay involves the erasing and painting of objects, and has some 2D style side-scrolling levels in addition to the 3D levels.

Robo Donald

Make sure to check out the article, and keep an eye on Game Informer’s Epic Mickey landing page.

NES Toploader Giveaway Winner!

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The Retro Entertainment System NES Toploader contest was a huge success! Almost 110 people entered, but as you all know, there can only be one winner this time. (Come back next Saturday for a giveaway with four winners!).

And the Winner is…

Sand, comment #105.

Bonus: Your Favorite NES Games

NES Chart

Here is a super-dumbed down/probably not very accurate chart with the top games mentioned in the comments of the giveaway post. The Legend of Zelda was the big winner, with Super Mario Bros 1 and 3 close behind.

Thanks to you all for entering, and make sure to come back next week, because there’s going to be a huge giveaway celebrating the release of DK Publishing’s LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, thanks to the folks at DK!

Giveaway: 8-Bit Retro NES Toploader

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To help celebrate Saturday Morning Central’s new design, I’m giving away one Retro Entertainment System NES Toploader. All you have to do is leave a comment, and say what your favorite NES game is, and I will pick one winner randomly! Make sure to use a valid email address, because that’s how I will contact you.

The Retro Entertainment System will play your old NES cartridges, because sometimes having your retro games in physical form is still cooler than using emulators.

The contest ends on October 1st at 5:00pm EST.

What are you waiting for?

Contest is closed.

Congratulations to Sand! You were selected randomly to win the NES Toploader!

Beatles Rockband: Best Video Game Intro Ever?

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I love the Beatles, and this intro to the Beatles Rockband is possibly the coolest video game intro I’ve ever seen. Sadly, this is probably the only way I’ll ever see it, because I’m not a fan $250 video games, and I’d much rather play Beatles songs for real (shameless plug).

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Happy 10th Birthday Sega Dreamcast

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The Sega Dreamcast turns 10 years old today. I know what I was doing ten years ago; working at the local Boys and Girls club after school and saving my pennies. When the Dreamcast came out I strutted down to Wal-Mart and plopped down my $200 or so and went home with my dream console. Oddly enough, they were all out of Sonic Adventures, so I bought Power Stone 2, and was very happy with it.

Lets all go over to ThinkGeek today and buy a brand new Dreamcast in the box for $99, and remember how awesome this console actually was. Continue reading to watch a cool video on the rise and fall of the Sega Dreamcast.

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