Cartoon Network Classics Getting Comic Books From IDW

Posted 7 years ago by Comics

Cartoon Network + IDW

I was in middle school during the golden age of Cartoon Network, when you could tune in for shows like Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, and Samurai Jack in the evening and then pretend to go to sleep but really stay up so you could watch Space Ghost Coast to Coast. The awesome thing about most of those shows is how well they hold up. I can still watch them today and enjoy them just as much (if not more) than I did over a decade ago.

So that makes the announcement from IDW Publishing pretty exciting for geeks my age. This year they’re going to start publishing comics based on classic Cartoon Network shows. With the Adventure Time and Muppet comics, I’ve realized that cartoon-based comics can actually be a lot of fun and not feel as pretentious or faux-artsy as a lot of more adult comics these days, and these 90s Cartoon Network shows would make great little comics.

From the press release:

Beginning in 2013, fans can look forward to seeing the returns of beloved characters from classic Cartoon Network shows including THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, BEN 10, DEXTER’S LABORATORY, SAMURAI JACK, JOHNNY BRAVO, GENERATOR REX, and many more.

Not only will IDW be teaming with high-caliber creators from the world of comics to publish new adventures featuring tons of Cartoon Network’s characters, but fans can also look forward to a variety of reprints of previous incarnations of Cartoon Network comics.

I don’t know what Generator Rex is or care about Ben 10, but sign me up for all the other titles. Now if IDW could just get Nickelodeon to get on board with some classic Nicktoon comics we’d be set. Seriously. I want an Angry Beavers comic book.

  • Dude, a NickTurtles-based comic would rule! Especially if they do it 2D-style like what we’re seeing in the coloring books & such.