Chill Out Internet, Ben Affleck Will Do Alright as Batman

Posted 7 years ago by Movies

Ben Affleck

So big news last night from Warner Bros. Ben Affleck is going to be the new version of Batman in 2014’s sequel to Man of Steel. My initial reaction was kind of a quiet Hmm, that’s interesting!, but the rest of the Internet’s was more like ZOMG DAREDEVIL SUCKS HE CAN’T BE BATMANNN!! and I don’t really understand the hate.

No, Ben Affleck isn’t my favorite actor, but he’s a good actor (and a great director, which could come in handy down the road for new solo Bat-films). He’s a big guy and I’m sure he’ll put on a lot of muscle for Batman, and he certainly has the chin for Batman. I think a lot of people have forgotten that there was a Batman before the Nolan movies, and that the character is wide open for interpretation.

I think an ‘older, wiser’ Batman done in a new style (read: a little less realistic than the Nolan movies) sounds refreshing, and I think Affleck will do just fine. The thing I am most excited about though is that we’re getting a Batman reboot and skipping the origin story. I’m sure Batman won’t be too thrilled about the destruction caused by Supes in Man of Steel, and that will be a great source of conflict between the characters until they inevitably team up.

Bottom line, I think Affleck is a smart-enough guy to know that taking this role and tanking it would not be a good thing for his career, so he (and the director/producers) must see the potential in casting him as the new Batman. I’m just excited to see Batman and Superman in the same movie for the first time. I’ve been waiting a long time for that.

What do you think though?

Sidenote: One thing I’ve been thinking a lot lately is that I’d love to see Bryan Cranston play Lex Luthor in this film, but now I can’t help but think of him as Commissioner Gordon instead. He nailed the part in Batman Year One and I think he could in a live action movie too.

  • I agree with you, give the guy a chance. Everyone is so quick to jump on the hate bandwagon that they don’t stop and think that the same thing happened when Ledger was cast as the Joker, and look how that turned out. Like you said he is a smart guy with a lot of movies on his resume and a solid directing style which could help.

    As for Lex Luthor, i’m still thinking Jon Hamm could pull it off.

  • SpaceMonkeyX

    I’m right there with you, Tommy. Give the guy a chance. A lot of years have passed since Daredevil and he’s had quite a few good roles since about 2009. If he sucks, it’ll be a one-off role that he’ll get paid a bunch of money for, and he’ll go on to direct smaller films that we all like him for.