Check Out This Amazing Mario Figurine (and dioramas) Coming Soon From Bandai

Posted 10 months ago by Toys


Wow, this is too cool. Bandai is gearing up to release an awesome Mario figurine and two diorama sets that include bricks, coins, a Goomba, turtle shell, and more. The figurine looks super posable, and they’re up for preorder on Amazon right now. It looks like they won’t ship until June, but these are a must-buy for me.

It looks like the Mario will run $25, and the dioramas will be about $20 each. That’s not bad for as high quality as these look.


Hopefully these sell well enough that Bandai will release Luigi and the other Mario characters too.

Via Toy News International

  • Cody Mix

    A legit poseable Mario? Yes please!