Ben Affleck’s Batman May Have an Awesome Costume

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Jim Lee Batman

Man of Steel comes out on Blu-ray today, and during an event to promote the release, Kevin Smith raved about the new Batman costume in the upcoming sequel. Zack Snyder also made comments about Lex Luthor, seemingly confirming his role in the movie, but I think everyone expected that. The juicy part of this story is hearing Smith, a huge Batman geek, talk about the new costume.

I saw the costume, more than that I saw him [Ben Affleck] in the costume…I don’t want to give anything away cause that is up to them and stuff, but I am going to say this…I instantly bear hugged him. You have not seen this costume in a movie, on film before. For a comb book fan, it was mind-bending… Because every other movie has done this matrixy black armor thing…There wasn’t a single nipple on this fucking suit man… I think everyone is just gonna be like ‘Holy Shit!’ It’s its own thing, man. We haven’t been down this path before…. There’s a very [beep]-influence to it, I would say.

Fans that attended the event mentioned that the beeped part of his description was Jim Lee. Lee was responsible for the awesome grey/blue suit in the early 2000s, and if that’s the direction they’re taking it for this movie then I am on board. Earlier reports were that the suit would be inspired by the graphic novel Batman Noel, so signs are pointing to a more grey/black/blue/pouchy design.

I think this is great news. Even though I love the Nolan Batman movies, I’m ready for a new version of Bats on the big screen. I doubt Affleck will be running around in tights, but as long as it doesn’t look overly tactical and has some grey in it, I’ll be happy.

What do you think though?

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