72Pins: Awesome NEStalgic Art

Posted 7 years ago by Art, Games


I’ve been enjoying the Top Hat Sasquatch Instagram account way too much lately. Not only have I been posting pictures of my nostalgic junk for the past week, but I’ve been finding all sorts of cool photos by browsing interesting tags. I thought I had seen a lot of cool retro gaming stuff, but today I found something that takes the cake.

72Pins. A site where you can get NES cartridges designed to look like games that never existed for the NES. Modern games like Call of Duty and Skyrim are available, as well as carts based on movies and TV, like Adventure Time and Arrested Development. The art is great and the carts still have whatever random game was used on the inside.

I had seen the Call of Duty cart around the web before, but somehow I’d never heard about 72Pins. I love stuff like this and quickly ordered the Sonic, Adventure Time, and Totoro carts. I can’t wait to see what else they release.

They also offer custom carts, and with Tim’s awesome 8-bit THS mascot, I’m definitely looking into ordering some.

  • Ha! I just discovered this recently too, though not through Instagram. I think Kotaku may have covered it. Been starred in my feed for a few weeks and I had been meaning to blog about it. Guess I don’t need to anymore! 😛

    I’d love to have a bunch of these for my favorite movies, hung on the wall in a grouping.

    • Yeah that would be awesome.

      It was funny how I discovered it. Someone posted the Mortal Kombat cart and I just looked at it forever trying to figure out how I never knew that Mortal Kombat came out for the NES.