Save up to 50% on Great Xbox Live Arcade Games

Posted 9 years ago by Games

The Knights of 'Castle Crashers'

Xbox 360 owners often overlook the wealth of great games available for download on the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA). From this marketplace of mostly indie developers you can find some really fun gameplay for far less than the typical $50-$60 of a new release disc.

Many of the best XBLA games are on sale now through Dec. 31. These bargain prices are a great way to burn those Microsoft Point cards you got in your Christmas stocking. Here are the games available during the year-end sale. [800 Microsoft Points are $10.00, 600 equals $7.50, and 400 is $5.00.]

I highly recommend the funny and stylistic Castle Crashers. It’s pure awesomeness. So too is Toy Soliders. I know Tommy is a fan of this one as well. I’ll probably pick up Risk Factions during the event.

In addition, there are a bunch of other on-demand games and add-ons available at discounted prices. Check out the special savings detailed by Xbox’s Major Nelson.