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2012 TMNT Action Figures: Michelangelo Photo Gallery

Posted 4 years ago by Toys

2012 TMNT Michelangelo

It’s the third day of TMNT Week and today the spotlight is on the Party Dude himself, Michelangelo. We’re going to take a look at the new Nickelodeon Michelangelo and the TMNT Classic Collection Michelangelo action figures in the same post, because I’ve written a lot about these lines this week and I don’t want to sound like a broken record.

Nickelodeon Michelangelo

Just like the other two Nickelodeon Turtles I’ve reviewed, I love Michelangelo. With Leo and Donny looking so serious, Michelangelo’s snarl/smile expression sets him apart. His color is more of a lime green, and he’s definitely the runt of the group, which I’m sure will make his obnoxious nature make more sense in the cartoon.

Mikey’s being voied by Greg Cipes in the new show and thankfully doesn’t sound like a surfer dude, which is funny because Cipes is a professional surfer, according to Wikipedia. Whether or not the new version of Michelangelo is annoying, his new action figure is great. Each time I open one of these new Turtles I’m amazed that I’m still so into the line. Each Turtle looks different and doesn’t make you feel like you just bought four practically-the-same action figures.

Again, the weapons are generic and solid colored, but he looks great with the Classic Collection nunchucks, if you have an extra set laying around. There’s no way I wouldn’t recommend the Nickelodeon Michelangelo to TMNT fans or people wanting to live vicariously through their kids. I encourage that around here.

Classic Collection Michelangelo

The TMNT Classic Collection is a different animal. Like the other Turtles, this version of Michelangelo is way bigger, and has less distinctive features, but is still awesome. The head sculpt is different, but the body is about the same, besides the pad colors and the initial on his belt.

Unfortunately my Michelangelo suffers from a mild case of lazy eye. Hopefully Playmates addresses this, and these initial lazy-eyed Turtles become collectors items. Until now I’ll just make sure not to look into Michelangelo’s lazy eye when I talk to him. That’s just rude.

As much as I want to see more figures in this series, I secretly hope Playmates keeps this line pretty small. I can’t imagine where I would put twenty figures this size in my office, especially considering how many characters would need to be taller than the TMNT to make the scale work. Although, a 20-inch tall Krang’s Android Body would be amazing. They could charge whatever they wanted for that and I’d be first in line.

Michelangelo’s nunchucks are awesome. I love that they use real chains, and aren’t just a solid piece of plastic like most other versions of the character. They look great dangling from his hands or tucked in his belt, and I’ll be pissed if I ever lose either of them.

TMNT Week is almost over, but tomorrow we’ll look at the new Raphael toys as well as any other TMNT content I can finish in time. This is the most I’ve gotten into a new toy line since I was obsessed with the TMNT as a kid, and I’ve spent so much time playing with reviewing these toys that I’m starting to feel five again.

You can pick up the Nickelodeon Michelangelo and Classic Collection Michelangelo at your local toy store or on Amazon.

  • Cody Mix

    The new Nick figures are making me realize how bad the 2K3 figures really were (the turtles anyway).