[Update] 2011 Live Action TMNT Head?

Posted 9 years ago by Music

This came out of left field. Latino Review received this pic and they’re claiming it’s a head from the 2011 live action TMNT movie that was being planned. I haven’t heard anything else about this movie since Nickelodeon snatched up the turtles. Could it still be on? Are they going for a more natural turtle look? Did I just stare at this image for an hour speculating what it would look like talking?

Hopefully we’ll get answers to all those questions except for the last one. That is between me and my computer screen.

Via Topless Robot

UpdateIt’s not for a movie. Surprise surprise.

  • I do not think this is really for the 2011 movie. Afterall, not only do I think they scrapped the live action in favor for “CGI” but there really isn’t enough room for any motors or electronics which would be required to “animate” the facial expressions.

    I have seen artwork that looks like this sculpt if I find it again I will pass it along.

  • Wow TMNT, amazing! brings back a lot of memories 🙂